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    Windows XP/2000/ME/98 SE/98

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    April 03, 2017

  • "A very good and realistic pool and billiards game"

If you love playing pool or billiards but don’t get the chance to go out and play as often as you would like, then only the most realistic pool simulator game will do. Cue Club is a pool and billiards game that lets you see your games from an extremely realistic perspective. And, although it doesn’t have a true multiplayer mode, you can have two people playing from the same computer, one on one, taking turns, instead of the usual single player versus computer. This download is for a free demo version of Cue Club.

With Cue Club, you can play different types of pool and billiards games, plus some special game modes: Eight ball, Nine ball, Quick ball, and Snooker. This free demo only lets you play for 30 minutes, but that will be plenty of time for you to see how detailed the game is (you can even see the chalk marks on the balls when you finish adjusting your cue stick. Most importantly for serious pool players, the physical effects are very well-calculated and accurate. Plus, the game is very easy to learn how to control, using the mouse.